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Take care of your pets health

Create Pet Profiles

Pet Profiles that remind you, even when your doctor forgets about your pet

Find the Nearest Vet in Any Emergency

With an S.O.S. button at your fingertips, find the nearest veterinary in any emergency.

Book Your Appointment to Avoid the Queue

Pet Pulz enables you to conveniently book your pet’s appointments online, ensuring efficient and hassle-free scheduling for their care.

Important Tips and Notices for Your Pet

Stay informed with our “Important Tips and Notices” feature. Get timely updates, essential tips, and urgent alerts tailored to your pet’s needs. Ensure the best care with health advice, grooming tips, and seasonal reminders.

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Are you a pet product owner, veterinary doctor, or pet-related service provider? Advertise on our app to reach pet owners effectively without disrupting their experience. Promote your products or services in a way that adds value and benefits both you and pet owners.